Originality is dead.  I mean how many TV and movie spin offs, sequels, prequels, or reboots do we need?  It’s gotten so bad that Lethal Weapon, a movie which I love, is a TV show that I won’t even give a chance because it comes off as a pathetic attempt by writers (or whoever) to put something out for the sake of putting something out.


When I see a copycat I see a (insert blank)-lite.  In the “I need a ride industry” Uber is the juggernaut, Lyft is Uber-lite.

Are we really that lazy these days we can’t come up with fresh ideas?

This is why I feel the need to create my own original programs.  I hate giving my clients other people’s programs.  These programs I find were not intended for them and their goals, plus I can’t coach the intent of the program as well as it’s designer.  I don’t want to come off as Zach Even-esh-lite, Dan John-lite, Eric Cressey-lite.  I want to take what each one of these guys have done well and build my own style.

I don’t want to sound like everyone else.  I don’t want to be mainstream.  I want to be unique.  I want to be honest.

This is why I struggle programming and blogging.  I don’t want it to be the same regurgitated stuff everyone else is saying.  I want what I say to have actual meaning.  I want to be that guy when they do stand up and speak it’s because I have something important and meaningful to say.  Not just because I need to.

My clients may not know if I am using someone else’s program or that I am writing about something someone else already has, but I do and that doesn’t sit well with me.  It feels like stealing.  I have a brain, I have ideas and I want to offer a unique training experience that is mine.  I don’t want to be a copycat, I want to be the juggernaut.

How do you feel about being a copycat?  What are some ways you set yourself apart from the pack?  Let me know in the comments below.

via Daily Prompt: Copycat

Steve is a NASM CPT and Crossfit Level 1 fitness coach who has a passion for building strength. He views strength building as the ultimate tool for weight loss, performance training, and rehab/prehab for injuries. Steve is currently studying to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. Steve provides in-home personal training as well as on-line coaching. You contact Steve at sjgsports@gmail.com with any questions or comments you might have.

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