I guess I’m becoming a moderate.  No not politically, just my outlook on life.

Today I see People take things easy too seriously.  They go overboard doing something which takes the fun and effectiveness away.  I’ve seen people get super obsessive with work, workouts, and diets that they live in fear of them. I have seen people punish themselves for enjoying a brownie.  Where is the fun in that?  Why did you eat the brownie if you weren’t going to let yourself enjoy it?

Everything needs to be done in moderation. Too much brownies, booze, exercise, heck even something healthy like water can kill you.  Life is too short to stress over every calorie.  It’s OK to enjoy yourself, just in moderation.

Steve is a NASM CPT and Crossfit Level 1 fitness coach who has a passion for building strength. He views strength building as the ultimate tool for weight loss, performance training, and rehab/prehab for injuries. Steve is currently studying to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. Steve provides in-home personal training as well as on-line coaching. You contact Steve at sjgsports@gmail.com with any questions or comments you might have.

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