Welcome to our first edition of the Friday Fit 5.  Each week I will post 5 of the most interesting and helpful articles to help you reach your goals.  Check out this weeks slate of great articles from around the fitness community.

  1. Check out this simple training template from the great Jim Wendler featured on T-Nation. This is how I structure most of the training sessions for myself and my clients to see results.
  2. The awesome people at Success Magazine help prepare you to conquer your New Years Resolution with these 7 Wealthy Mentalities of Successful People.  Number 3 is my favorite.
  3. Jazz up your diets with These creative and nutritious food ideas from
  4. Dr. John Berardi from Precision Nutrition teaches you how to meal prep so you can efficiently and effectively eat healthy no matter how crazy your schedule is.  Be sure to check out the tips for easy quick breakfasts along with lunch and dinner ideas for health on the go.
  5. Everyone needs a coach (yes even Me).  We all have things that we suck at that we can get better at.  Thanks for the reminder Movement as Medicine.

Let us know your thoughts about any of the articles in the comments section below.  And to everyone celebrating this weekend please have a very Merry and safe Christmas!


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