Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day with their loved ones.  I had to work Tuesday evening so my girlfriend and I actually ended up celebrating on Monday.  It was great we were able to go to any restaurant we wanted, no reservation necessary.

Anyways here are the best articles I found this week to show your body some love.

  1. Who doesn’t love Instagram?  Great way to see what our friends are up to and see some pretty cool things.  Well be careful there are a lot of fake experts out there as well, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  Here are are a few reasons why you need to be aware of them.
  2. It’s been said that food is the best medicine. This article provides a great list of foods you should eat and avoid if you have migraines.  Perfect for someone like me who has migraines run in their family.
  3. It is bound to happen that you are going to hit a plateau in your fat loss journey.  Here are 10 great tips from Muscle and Fitness to help you break through those plateaus.  Number 5 is one that is often over looked.
  4. I love using resistance bands in my workout for warming up, prehab work, strength/power work, conditioning and stretching.  Muscle and Fitness shows us how to incorporate 4 different types of bands into our routine.
  5. Many people are getting ready for vacations this holiday weekend.  Here are some tips to stay fit while traveling.  Didn’t know about number 4. Think that one is pretty cool

That’s all folks.  Enjoy your weekend.


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