What an awesome week it’s been here in CT weather wise.  Not that it’s been a horrendous winter, but there is something about 60 degrees and sunny that makes you want to come out of hibernation.

In fact in writing this drinking my coffee on the patio of my favorite coffee shop.  Drinking a mix of a Raspberry Chic Creme flavored coffee and Vanilla flavored coffee.  Don’t worry no actual creme, all black.

But it’s great.   Something about being outside with the birds chirping has me thinking about hitting the links soon and that always puts a smile on my face.  Either that or I have just been so vitamin D deficient that  my body is happy to see some sunlight.

Well enough small talk let’s get into why you’re all here this week’s 5 best fitness articles.

1) speaking of nice weather my buddy and fellow fitness coach Pete did a vlog about ways to get fit outdoors.

2) Definitely will have to make these bacon avocado fries happen soon

3) start you days off right by avoiding these 10 breakfast foods

4). Maybe make this instead.

5) and finally let’s break down the bear crawl with the Prehab Guys.  One of my favorite exercises for strength, flexibility, stability and conditioning.  Try them like this or this.  You’re welcome 😉🌶🌶🌶
That will do it for this week.  Enjoy the beautiful weather


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