Wow! what a difference a week makes.

  This time last week I was sitting outside enjoying my coffee, then this week wondering why I came out of hibernation.

Any who enough consuming about the cold; here are the five fittest articles  I found around the interweb this week.

  1. My man Pat Flynn nailed it with this blog post explaining why we shouldn’t sleep on kettlebells to achieve our fitness goals. An entertaining yet enlightening read as always.  
  2. Suffer from Back pain?  This overlooked muscle might be the culprit.  Here are 12 ways to stretch that muscle.  Bonus points if you guess which muscle it is in the comments section.  No peeking.
  3. In case you were wondering, YES breakfast and pizza work very well together.  Now  it is also healthy with this recipe.
  4. Here are 51 great rules not just for our children but for everyone to follow.  27 can be life saving advice
  5. Great article about the why’sabout the why’s (and why nots) of mobility.

And there is your fit 5 of the week.  Happy weekend!!!!! Train hard!!!


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