Just got done with my workout on this beautiful day in the Northeast.  I couldn’t resist taking advantage today and do part of my workout outside.

During my workout I came up with the bright idea of sharing some of my workouts with you.  I always have been a firm believer in the saying “sharing is caring” so here I am sharing my torturous fun ideas with you.


I love this time of year when I am able to get outside and start being creative with my environment.  The secret to taking advantage is that my program is nothing complicated.  In fact my training is pretty simple and follow the same blue print.

Warm up



Accessory work



As my girlfriend pointed out the other night it’s pretty much the same movements every time.  She is right every day I am squatting, pressing and hinging.  At the end of the day consistency is what builds strength.

I try to include the 7 basic movements of pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, carrying, twisting, and floor work into each session.

Although I work the same movements the intensity for each movement changes each workout.  I perform one exercise heavy for low reps, another at medium weight for more reps, and one light for high reps.

This not only helps hit strength, endurance and hypertrophy for all three, but easily gives me 3 workouts every week, complete with the accessory work consisting of some kind of pull and something to assist the heavy  movement of that workout.

Every few weeks I change up the movements to prevent adaptation and to keep things fresh.

Here is my conditioning today, which I was able to do outside.

It was two simple movements repeated in a ladder for 10 minutes.

Farmer’s carry and burpees.

2 great conditioning tools that together will help you work power, strength and endurance. Not to mention will get you breathing hard,  sweaty and burn a ton of fat.

Simple and effective!

Give it a try and post your score in the comments.  I suggest for the carries men use between 44-53lbs kbs in each hand while women use 24-35lbs kbs in each hand.  Keep the carries light as we want to get more rounds.

Be sure to follow us to get a new workout next week.


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