In case you didn’t know, I am a concierge fitness coach.

What the hell is that?


Simply put I am like the Grub Hub of fitness.

In this day and age we are all about convenience and tailored service. I mean we have things like Grub Hub that with a touch of a button you can have the food from your favorite restaurant brought right to your door.

I make fitness more convenient for my clients by training them wherever their heart desires whether it be in person or via the world wide interwebs.  I help you streamline the process that way you can train without the usual hassles.

Here are some of the ways concierge training can help you:

Save time

I know we all have busy schedules these days.  But that is not a good excuse to be out of shape.

I don’t know about you but I want to spend the little time out of the house as possible. I am on the run so much that I enjoy my downtime at home and want to limit the number of places I have to go to.

With concierge training  the gym will be one less place you have to include on your list visit.  By me coming to you, you’ll make more time for other things by eliminating the commute back and forth from the gym, along with the stress that can come from dealing with idiots on the road.

Many of my clients commute to work and have found it convenient to have me show up in the morning, get their workout in, shower, change, and grab a bite as they walk out the door.  Or on the other hand have me waiting for them when they get home from work.

Feel luxurious

Who doesn’t love the feeling of being served?  It makes us feel like someone special, like a Kardashian or something (they’re still a thing right?).

That is why we love going out to eat, because it’s not often that we have someone else do all the work for us and we do we don’t have to lift a finger and it makes our status feel important.


Getting trained in your own home is another way for you to feel like your status is important, for a reasonable rate.

With concierge training you won’t have to do anything.  You don’t need to buy equipment, or figure out how to reinvent the fitness wheel on your own.  The only thing you might have to do is breathe hard and sweat.

Concierge training is like the Burger King of training.  No not in the way of it being cheap junk food.   You do receive quality of training and the service is top notch.

It’s like Burger King because it’s the type of training “where you can have it your way.”  At the end of the day it’s all based around YOU!  You decide just about everything from where you train and when you want to train.

Train in a familiar/comfortable environment

Dorothy was right.  There is no place like home.

Home is safe, home is comfortable, your home is private.

Home allows you to go at your own pace without judgement or pressure from what others are doing in the gym.  It let’s us focus on what is right for you to make progress, and not what the flavor of the month routine is.

Your home is the true “judgement free zone.”

No wait for equipment

I love the gym but waiting for equipment sucks. It is very time consuming, adds unnecessary time to our workout, and also can kill the training effect we are going for.

With concierge training I make sure there is enough equipment for everyone in the session making sessions effective and efficient.

Develop better discipline

To get fit you need to build healthy habits.  Building healthy habits requires you to be disciplined and consistent until it becomes second nature.

Going to the gym is one of these habits we need to build.  It’s all on you to show up to the gym daily.  This makes it very easy  to make up an excuse to skip the gym after a hard day of work or days you just don’t feel like.

This is easy to do even if you are meeting friends, a trainer, and especially if you train solo.

With concierge training I come to you.   This makes it tough to make excuses to skip sessions because you don’t feel like it, because no matter what I am coming and the session will get done.

One of my clients tells me that he hums the Wicked Witch of the West them 10 minutes before I show up because it is inevitable that I will show up and we will work hard.

Although he dreads the anticipation, he always leaves a happy customer.

Having me show up takes off some of the responsibility of being disciplined and puts that responsibility on me.

Fun and creative workouts


Concierge training offers freedom.  No one says we are stuck training in the gym, your living room or basement.  Concierge training is all about you.

I know for me, I love when the weather gets nice enough to come out of hibernation and train outside.  This allows to train in fun and unique places like your backyard, parks, playgrounds, and even the beach.

This helps make training feel more like playtime, plus we get to work on that tan.

I mean how cool is it to tell your friends that you trained on the beach?  I’m sure it would make them a bit jealous.

Workouts are adaptable to any environment and setting, and it goes to show you how the world becomes our gym and that working out can be fun and creative, not a chore.

In this age of convenience and tailored service concierge training is becoming a more popular way to train.  Give it a try for yourself, I would love to hear about your experience.

Interested in checking out concierge training for you or somebody you know?  Follow this link to find out how I can help you and to set up your complimentary consultation.


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