Snowed in like I am today?  Don’t worry I got you covered with these 5 great fitness reads to help you pass the time.

  1. Running is not the best way to lose fat.  Here are 10 exercises better than running to burn fat.
  2. Hilarious video from Jordan Syatt with a unique take on 16 Fitness Myths That Need to Die
  3. Struggling to lose weight?  Well one of these 6 things might be the reason why.  
  4. Massive amounts of Inflammation can wreak havoc on the body and cause discomfort.  Here are a few food you should eat to battle Inflammation.
  5. Who doesn’t live shakes?  They are fast and healthy but may leave you starving shortly after.  Here is how to make your shakes more FILLING.

    There you have it folks.  Stay warm.


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