What kind of exercise are you doing to lose weight?  If you are relying on bicep curls and sit ups to shed the pounds you won’t see much progress.  It’s time you step out of the squat rack with that curl bar, because today you are going to learn the best type of exercise to lose weight.

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I am not the curl hater I used to be.  In the past year I  have worked everyone’s favorite exercise back into my workout on upper body days.

For a long time though I hated them.

Even though I am done drinking the Haterade on them (I believe it was green flavored), I still don’t think that they are the best exercise for weight loss.

The official beverage of SJGSports Fitness

No if you want to lose weight you need to be using compound movements

Compound movements are multi joint movements.  These types of exercises are quite effective for weight loss because they require us to use multiple muscle groups.

It’s quite a simple formula.  The more muscles required to perform a movement, the more calories we burn.

A bicep curl only involves movement at one joint, our elbow.

But what if we improved upon the curl.  Let’s say we made it a curl into an over head press. We now go from working just our biceps, to incorporating not only more muscles, but the bigger muscles such as the shoulder.

Great examples of compound movements include squats, dead lifts, kettle bell swings, presses, rows, pull ups, lunges, hip bridges, jumps, olympic lifts, crawling, etc.

The possibilities are almost endless

One of my favorite fat burning exercises to perform is the clean and press.  This exercise requires us to generate power from the hips, using back and bicep muscles in the pull, as well as our shoulder and tricep muscles in the press.

This one move strengthens and works your lower body, core and upper body.  Not to mention it will jack your heart rate up pretty quickly giving you that conditioning and endurance factor as well.

Lot of bang for your buck with this one exercise.

Give it a try with this workout

Grab a barbell, dumb bell(s), kettle bell(s), sand bag or whatever you want to clean and press.

I work out at home and tend to go double kettle bell (double 44s to be exact).

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes perform 3-5 reps.  Once reps are completed rest for the duration of the minute.

Don’t go too heavy.  Trust me by that 6th or 7th minute it will adjust itself.

If you are feeling really spunky go for 20 minutes and alternate the clean and press with 2-3 strict pull ups.

Odd minutes: Clean and press

Even minutes: Strict pull ups

you end up with 10 rounds of each.

Simple, yet effective.

If you still have energy after all that, you are more than welcome to perform your bicep curls.

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