Happy St Patty’s day everyone!!!!!    Get ready to catch me lucky charms!

I have your pot of gold here consisting of the 5 best fitness articles I came across this week.  So grab your shamrocks and your healthy green beverage and let’s get into the Friday Fit 5.

  1. If you want to lose weight and become bulletproof you need to build work capacity.  Dan John gives us some great and easy ways to fire up work capacity.
  2. Having a crap day or just under a lot of stress?  Try exercise.  Here are 10 ways exercise improves your mood.  Number 4 is totally true.
  3. Might have to make these breakfast tacos happen.  
  4. Great video and post from training guru Mike Boyle.
  5. We work hard in the gym to get strong.  Don’t kill those gains with the wrong type of cardio.

    Havea safe and healthy St Patty’s Day


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