Who doesn’t want a nice pair of six pack abs? The answer is EVERYONE.  

We have been told forever that they are THE sign of ultimate fitness.  This has made people sooooo six pack crazy that they will do whatever it takes to reach this gold standard of fitness.

But what if having the abs of Zeuss weren’t the sign of godly fitness like we think they are?

A six pack is simply a sign that you have reached a low enough body fat % that you can see your ab muscles.  This is why super skinny people tend to have abs.

See they’re not lieing when they say abs are made in the kitchen.  With the right balance of nutrition and exercise you can have a six-pack.

Our cores are meant for so much more than appearing to be chiseled from stone

Our core had the important job of protecting and stabilizing our spine to keep us upright (posture).  Without our core our spine would fold like a wet napkin.

Our core consists of more muscles than just our abs.  It consists of muscles on the front and backside of our bodies to support the spine from all sides.

 The core consists of the obliques, glutes, and low back.  Basically anything not connected to an arm or leg.

If these muscles are weak it is hard to have good posture.  Good posture keeps our bodies working efficiently, helps elimnate aches and pains, and protects us from injury as we perform movement.

I always find it funny how some of the fittest people I know don’t have a six packs but still tend to be fast, strong and powerful due to their core strength.

This brings us to the age old debate:. What are we really training for?  Looks or function?

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