Ever wonder what you can do with a kettlebell?  Well today I am going you 101 different kettlebell exercise ideas that will help you develop great workouts to burn fat and build muscle.

If you have been following my blog it’s no secret that I absolutely have fallen in love with kettlebells.   To me kettlebells offer freedom in my training.

They offer the freedom to:

Workout anywhere

The versatility and small size of kettlebells have allowed me to create my gym in my tiny living room.  My neighbors down stairs absolutely love this  (not really).

Because of their small size kettlebells are my favorite workout accessory. 

 I love taking them and training everywhere.  Some places include in the street, at the park, and even at the beach because after all “suns out, guns out”.

The best part is none of these gyms make me pay a membership fee ;P

Train in a variety of ways and just allow my body to move naturally (press, row, hinge, squat, carry, floor work, and twist)

Kettlebells provide access to many exercises that are excellent for developing strength, conditioning, joint stability, mobility, and burning fat.

They allow you to get creative with movement.  The kettlebell has a beautiful way of flowing around the body making it easy to hit every muscles without having to travel to a ton of different machines.

The possibilities of exercises you can string together are endless.  This makes each workout fun and fresh.

Here are 101 exercise suggestions to help get you started.  I can’t wait to hear some of the challenges you come up with using these exercises.

  1. Swing
  2. Clean
  3. clean and press
  4. goblet press
  5. floor press
  6. goblet squat
  7. single arm swing
  8. single arm over head press
  9. single arm floor press
  10. single arm clean
  11. single arm snatch
  12. single arm swing
  13. single arm clean and press
  14. single side squat
  15. rack squat
  16. double bell swing
  17. double bell snatch
  18. double bell clean
  19. double bell clean and press
  20. swing burpee
  21. 1/2 turkish get up
  22. turkish get up
  23. Reverse turkish get up
  24. vertical crunches
  25. 90/90 crunch
  26. forward farmers lunge
  27. goblet lunge
  28. rack lunge
  29. single arm opposite side lunge
  30. single arm same side lunge
  31. single arm over head lunge
  32. over head lunge
  33. walking lunge
  34. renegade row
  35. curl
  36. bench press
  37. sea saw press
  38. bent over row
  39. arm bar
  40. sea saw row
  41. single arm row
  42. halos
  43. figure 8s
  44. farmer’s carry
  45. over head carry
  46. waiter’s carry
  47. single arm farmer’s carry
  48. single arm over head carry
  49. single arm waiter’s carry
  50. farmer’s/over head carry
  51. farmer’s/waiter’s carry
  52. waiter’s carry/over head carry
  53. thruster
  54. split squat
  55. walking swing
  56. pistol squat
  57. cossack squat
  58. side lunge
  59. side lunge to halo
  60. single arm kneeling over head press
  61. rotational thruster
  62. single arm thruster
  63. rotational press
  64. double bell thruster
  65. around the worlds
  66. reverse lunge
  67. wood chops
  68. russian twist
  69. bicycle sit ups
  70. rack holds
  71. over head holds
  72. farmers hold
  73. iron cross hold
  74. lateral raises
  75. front raises
  76. sumo dead lift
  77. skier swings
  78. suitcase dead lift
  79. high pulls
  80. sumo dead lift high pull
  81. Romanian Dead lift
  82. bottoms up kettle bell press
  83. bottoms up waiters carry
  84. bottoms up over head carry
  85. bottoms up turkish get up
  86. squat hold curl
  87. squat hold chest press
  88. squat hold curl to chest press
  89. windmill
  90. dips
  91. push ups
  92. mountain climbers
  93. plank
  94. L-sit
  95. swing with a row
  96. lunge holds
  97. side bends
  98. single leg dead lift
  99. Plyo push up
  100. uneven push up
  101. diamond push ups

Have a favorite kettlebell exercise that didn’t make the list?  Let us know in the comments section below.  Have fun and train hard!


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