Hey guys new feature.  I am going to start sharing my daily training.  I will be following the Classic Jim Wendler’s weighted vest 5/3/1 program from his new book 5/3/1 Forever.  I will be following this for at least the next 10 weeks.  I am looking to put on size and strength for the fall rugby season.

This program will require 2 days of lifting, 3 days of bodyweight/weighted vest circuits and daily airdyne riding adding up to 30 miles per week.  I do not have an airdyne yet but am looking for one and should have one by this weekend.

I started the program yesterday.  This week will be spent finding my 5rm in the lifts.  Yesterday I found my 5rm for the squat and bench.  This will help me determine my training max for the program.  I did not work until failure, but once my bar speed slowed down significantly I did not go higher.

I built up to 245 on the squat and 205 on the bench.

Today I will be doing my first bodyweight circuit consisting of 5 rounds of 10 push ups, 5 chin ups, 10 kb snatch each arm with a 24lbs kettlebell.  This first 3 week cycle I will train without a weight vest.

Rest day tomorrow then Thursday will be my dead lift and over head press testing day.


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