Well it’s official started week 1 day 1 of the program yesterday.  Got through all my testing last week.  Hit 280 for 5 on my deadlift and 125 for 5 on my over head press.

Now keep in mind these are not true 5 rm maxes.

With this kind of testing it is not about grinding through the reps.  I am not sacrificing form to squeak out one more.

Instead I am looking/feeling for changes in bar speed and form.

Jim Wendler even suggests that it is better to start off lighter than try to push heavier.  The hardest part is taking the ego out of it.


Yesterday started the program.  I just got an airdyne (for $100) over the weekend.  Did my first 20(ish) minute ride yesterday  morning.  Boy did that suck.

The first 10 minutes were OK, but needed to break a lot the second 10.  Guess my legs are that out of condition.  The airdyne is a necessary part of the program not just for conditioning purposes, but recovery as well.

Later on I hit the gym for my squat and bench day.  Everything felt good lifting.  Wasn’t sure how things were gonna go after working a double at my second job the day before.

I have also noticed that since starting to lift heavy again I have been wanting to nap more lately.  Not sure if it is because of the humidity we have had, or if they are muscle growth naps.

Have my second day of riding the bike, which I am so looking forward too (sarcasm alert) and a body weight circuit lined up for today.

I will check back in next week to let you know how things are going.


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