Friday Fit 5 week of 4/7/17

Hey guys sorry about missing last week, but was feeling severely under the weather.  Hope you guys didn’t miss me too much.

Well I am back this week with your 5 fittest articles worth sharing.  Enjoy!

  1. What do you think about the blending of physical therapy and strength training to prevent injuries/re-injury?
  2. Age is not an excuse! Great blog about why seniors should still lift, despite old age.
  3. Here are 10 great tips to help you lose weight.  I absolutely love the one about getting smaller bowls and plates to control portions.
  4. Chicken Bacon Ranch Lettuce Wraps!  Yup you had me at bacon.
  5. I hate crunches as they can wreck your back.  Here is a crunch free ab workout for you.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy my friends!


Friday Fit 5 for 3/24/17

Hey guys been a busy week, but couldn’t leave all of you hanging without the 5 fittest articles this week.  So let’s get right to it.

get it on.jpg

  1. Interesting thoughts here.  Do you think strength training is prehab?
  2. Think exercise is not important?  Check out what happens to your brain once you stop exercising.
  3. Fight nutritional deficiencies based on your cravings.  Here is how
  4. Who doesn’t love Penne ala Vodka.  Not the most healthy dish, but here is a healthier spin on it.
  5. And some of these to go with it maybe.

Enjoy your weekend.  Stay Healthy my Friends!

Friday Fit 5 week of 3/17/17

Happy St Patty’s day everyone!!!!!    Get ready to catch me lucky charms!

I have your pot of gold here consisting of the 5 best fitness articles I came across this week.  So grab your shamrocks and your healthy green beverage and let’s get into the Friday Fit 5.

  1. If you want to lose weight and become bulletproof you need to build work capacity.  Dan John gives us some great and easy ways to fire up work capacity.
  2. Having a crap day or just under a lot of stress?  Try exercise.  Here are 10 ways exercise improves your mood.  Number 4 is totally true.
  3. Might have to make these breakfast tacos happen.  
  4. Great video and post from training guru Mike Boyle.
  5. We work hard in the gym to get strong.  Don’t kill those gains with the wrong type of cardio.

    Havea safe and healthy St Patty’s Day

    Friday Fit 5 week if 3/10/17

     Snowed in like I am today?  Don’t worry I got you covered with these 5 great fitness reads to help you pass the time.

    1. Running is not the best way to lose fat.  Here are 10 exercises better than running to burn fat.
    2. Hilarious video from Jordan Syatt with a unique take on 16 Fitness Myths That Need to Die
    3. Struggling to lose weight?  Well one of these 6 things might be the reason why.  
    4. Massive amounts of Inflammation can wreak havoc on the body and cause discomfort.  Here are a few food you should eat to battle Inflammation.
    5. Who doesn’t live shakes?  They are fast and healthy but may leave you starving shortly after.  Here is how to make your shakes more FILLING.

      There you have it folks.  Stay warm.

      Friday Fit 5 week of 3/2/17

      Wow! what a difference a week makes.

        This time last week I was sitting outside enjoying my coffee, then this week wondering why I came out of hibernation.

      Any who enough consuming about the cold; here are the five fittest articles  I found around the interweb this week.

      1. My man Pat Flynn nailed it with this blog post explaining why we shouldn’t sleep on kettlebells to achieve our fitness goals. An entertaining yet enlightening read as always.  
      2. Suffer from Back pain?  This overlooked muscle might be the culprit.  Here are 12 ways to stretch that muscle.  Bonus points if you guess which muscle it is in the comments section.  No peeking.
      3. In case you were wondering, YES breakfast and pizza work very well together.  Now  it is also healthy with this recipe.
      4. Here are 51 great rules not just for our children but for everyone to follow.  27 can be life saving advice
      5. Great article about the why’sabout the why’s (and why nots) of mobility.

      And there is your fit 5 of the week.  Happy weekend!!!!! Train hard!!!

      Friday Fit 5 week of 2/24/17

      What an awesome week it’s been here in CT weather wise.  Not that it’s been a horrendous winter, but there is something about 60 degrees and sunny that makes you want to come out of hibernation.

      In fact in writing this drinking my coffee on the patio of my favorite coffee shop.  Drinking a mix of a Raspberry Chic Creme flavored coffee and Vanilla flavored coffee.  Don’t worry no actual creme, all black.

      But it’s great.   Something about being outside with the birds chirping has me thinking about hitting the links soon and that always puts a smile on my face.  Either that or I have just been so vitamin D deficient that  my body is happy to see some sunlight.

      Well enough small talk let’s get into why you’re all here this week’s 5 best fitness articles.

      1) speaking of nice weather my buddy and fellow fitness coach Pete did a vlog about ways to get fit outdoors.

      2) Definitely will have to make these bacon avocado fries happen soon

      3) start you days off right by avoiding these 10 breakfast foods

      4). Maybe make this instead.

      5) and finally let’s break down the bear crawl with the Prehab Guys.  One of my favorite exercises for strength, flexibility, stability and conditioning.  Try them like this or this.  You’re welcome 😉🌶🌶🌶
      That will do it for this week.  Enjoy the beautiful weather

      Friday Fit 5 Week of 2/17/17

      Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day with their loved ones.  I had to work Tuesday evening so my girlfriend and I actually ended up celebrating on Monday.  It was great we were able to go to any restaurant we wanted, no reservation necessary.

      Anyways here are the best articles I found this week to show your body some love.

      1. Who doesn’t love Instagram?  Great way to see what our friends are up to and see some pretty cool things.  Well be careful there are a lot of fake experts out there as well, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  Here are are a few reasons why you need to be aware of them.
      2. It’s been said that food is the best medicine. This article provides a great list of foods you should eat and avoid if you have migraines.  Perfect for someone like me who has migraines run in their family.
      3. It is bound to happen that you are going to hit a plateau in your fat loss journey.  Here are 10 great tips from Muscle and Fitness to help you break through those plateaus.  Number 5 is one that is often over looked.
      4. I love using resistance bands in my workout for warming up, prehab work, strength/power work, conditioning and stretching.  Muscle and Fitness shows us how to incorporate 4 different types of bands into our routine.
      5. Many people are getting ready for vacations this holiday weekend.  Here are some tips to stay fit while traveling.  Didn’t know about number 4. Think that one is pretty cool

      That’s all folks.  Enjoy your weekend.

      Friday Fit 5 week of 2/3/17

      I hope everyone had a great week and is ready for the big game this Sunday. Here are this weeks fittest links, Super Bowl edition.


      1. We all know food is a huge part of any Super Bowl Party.  Here are 11 ways to keep your snacks healthy and delicious.  I can’t decide which looks the most delicious between number 4, 7 and 8.
      2. Do you think the Bench test at the NFL combine is great?  John Cena doesn’t think so.   What exercise would you replace the bench test with?  Thanks to my buddy and fellow trainer Pete for the article.
      3. Biotest suggests you should work these 5 exercises if you want to lift forever. I just wrote a blog post of exercise number 3 yesterday.
      4. Prevent burn out from all the hard work you put in with these 9 tips from Success magazine.  Number 9 really helped me to break a few of my personal slumps.
      5. And of course I couldn’t leave you without a delicious recipe.  Check out this Creamy Tomato Basil Zucchini “Linguini”.


      zucchini pasta.jpg

      Friday Fit 5 week of 1/27/17

      Hey guys hope you didn’t miss me too much  last week. Sorry to leave you hanging but there are a lot of exciting things in the works.  Don’t worry though I am back this week to bring you the 5 best articles I came across this week.

      1. Worn out from the week?  Well here are 13 happy quotes to help you lift your spirits for the weekend.
      2. Nutrition guru Dr. John Berardi from Precision Nutrition gives his thoughts on the low-carb/steady state cardio fitness combo here.
      3. Who doesn’t love Avocados?  Well here is how you can grow your own and have all the delicious guac you want.
      4. Stop complaining about whatever.  Zach Even-esh reminds us why life is good this week.
      5. Check out this list of 15 reasons it’s better to work out at home.  I know a few people who would be sold after point 1.

      That’s it for this week.  Enjoy the last weekend in January.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


      Friday Fit 5 week of 1/13/17

      Happy Friday the 13th.  Be on the lookout for black cats, ladders, and our good friend Jason.

      But now into the 5 best fitness articles I came across the interwebs this week.

      1. Who doesn’t love hash browns?  Here is a recipe for guilt free hash browns made with cauliflower.
      2. My friend Pat Flynn at Chronicles of strength gave 10 tips on how to lose belly fat. All great tips but I love number 8!
      3. Drinking water is a must…but it can get boring.  Here are what 13 foodies drink all day because water gets boring.  Let me know which is your favorite in the comments.
      4. I love strongman workouts.  They are simple, effective, and fun because it seems more like doing work than a workout. Breaking Muscle does a great job talking all about it here.
      5. Detoxes are a very popular with people trying to jump start their weight loss.  See what Ryan Andrews from Precision Nutrition has to say about detoxes here.

      Hope everyone has a healthy, safe, and fun weekend.  See you all next week!