Things like this make me love my job.

I have worked with many athletes and don’t get me wrong improving their performance is one thing, but I can’t explain the feeling it is to give somebody their life back.

This guy has turned his entire life around.  He has stayed committed to working 3x a week, tightening up his nutrition, and trusting the process and the plan laid out for him.  You deserve this reward for all your hard work.   Thanks for the kind words and keep up the great work Dr. Dave!

“Let my convey that after my illness, I never thought I would never  regain normal function, I was so weak. Steve Guzinski worked with me patiently for 1 year, and not only did I regain my former lifestyle, but I feel better than I ever have in my life . I am moving better and enjoying my life to its fullest. In my case , I got my life back. I clouldn’t get up out of a  chair or in and out of a car without leg, knee and back pain . All that is gone thanks to Steve Guzinski.

His regimen of stretching and strategic exercise 3 times per week restored my quality of life . While everyone is indivudual , I cannot help but think most would benefit greatly from his expertise . It’s not hyperbole it’s a fact , for me , Steve saved my life.”
Dr. Dave